Artiques Asian Imports

Craig Fenn

Showroom #305

Direct importers of Asian antique and contemporary furniture and accessories for over ten years.  Travelling through out the far east have given us a love for the furnishings and the people of Asia.  If you are trying to achieve the ultimate in Feng Shui then your wait is over.  We also offer home staging for the Real Estate Market as well as for personal residences, investors and coporate housing.  A versatile style selections  offered for all tastes.

The showroom features an exotic and diverse collection of inspiring antique pieces from many regions of Asia.  The majority of furniture has been gathered from remote provinces of China.  Some of the fabulous finds date back to the early Qing Dynasty.  You will also find items from Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Indonesia which include architectural elements, porcelain, statuary, one of akind florals and upholstered goods.  A visit is a feast for the eyes and will add drama to any design element.

Alter all Asian furniture and accessories are staple of good classic interior design and the inclusion of antique Asian piece is a must for the perfectly balance room. It is furniture meant to be handed down to future generations.